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A Circular Economy: UCL's research, the case of metals, collaborations

Professor Raimund Bleischwitz (Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources)

This IIES session deals with the exciting perspective of a circular economy, one that is restorative by design, keeps materials and products in closed loops, and creates public values while staying within planetary boundaries. A first part of my lecture will welcome you to what I call a ‘super year 2021’ for a green recovery. I’m then introducing the shape of a future circular economy contrasting from the lack of circularity today. To address interlinkages across resources, the lecture gives merit to the nexus concept. Inviting collaborations, the slides share information about five large CE Centres starting in January 2021 in the UK. We make a case for circular steel and macro-economic repercussions estimated via a CGE model. The lecture ends with proposed topic areas for further research. The session is hosting more contributions: Julia Stegemann will talk through construction materials; Teresa Domenech navigates through Industrial Symbiosis in Europe; Beijia Huang introduces an assessment framework for construction materials and demolition waste with evidence from Shanghai & China.

Looking forward to feedback and discussions!